Dear all,

last-minute news: prof. Verwimp will not be able to teach today, December 18, so there will be no class.

Slides will be posted later this week.

the ECODEV team


Dear all,

an update as of the readings you are supposed to summarize:

for next week [deadline: Sunday, November, 25], you should submit a summary of

Daron Acemoglu, James A. Robinson, Simon Johnson (2001), The Colonial Origins of Comparative Development: An Empirical InvestigationAmerican Economic Review, 91, pp. 1369-1401; December.

Happy reading!

Dear all,

As you might know Tuesday is holiday and there is no class of Topics in Development Economics scheduled. As a consequence, the deadline for next week paper has been moved to next Sunday, November, 25.


Dear all,

here (UPDATED 14/11!) you can find a list of summaries already delivered: it seems there are some of them missing. If you find mistakes or something not correct, please email Andrea Colombo with a proof of your submission (i.e., forward the original email with the summary you sent to either Prof. Verwimp or Prof. Estache).

For organizative reasons, we set up a deadline for delivering summaries. Your works must be received on the Sunday evening preceeding the week you have been assigned to. For example, summaries for next week (W8) must be received within Sunday evening (November, 4th).

The TopDevEco Team

Dear all,

As the Banerjee lecture replaced the regular Development Econ class yesterday, the lecture on ‘ Households ‘ will take place at the end
of the course (Dec 18) or on another date, to be defined.

Next week we will continue the program with the class on child undernutrition and its long-term consequences.


Dear all,

there is a mistake in the reading list: the reading you are supposed to summarize for Lecture 5 is not the 300-pages book which is noted on the RL; instead it is the following 30-pages paper:

I Singh, L Squire, J Strauss – The World Bank Economic Review, 1986 – World Bank: A Survey of Agricultural Household Models: Recent Findings and Policy Implications World Bank Econ Rev (1986) 1(1): 149-179

You can find a link to it in the Readings page.




Dear all,

A lot of students who have a surname starting with M-Z have not turned in the summary relative to week #3 on Tuesday Oct 2. Probably this was unclear, so you will not be penalized for it… but please send in your summary by Oct 9 the latest. (Exceptional longer deadline for this time).

Students with surname starting with A-L should turn in week #4 reading summary before 9/10/2012.

Students with surname starting with M-Z should, then, turn in week #5 summary before 16/10/2012 and so on.

From next week onwards, please stick to the reading calendar!!